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About Us

AI Raising Up LLC is set up in the USA. Out team members are diverse, and spread across various cities worldwide. We encompass decades of professional experience in managing various financial assets and quantitative analysis.

Facing the rapidly evolving AI technology, AirU humbly wishes to create a new generation of AI investing applications using big data. Our two main focuses are:

Our product and services:

China market:Product - Ark show, Service - Bridge

US market:Service - Customize digital service

Our Vision

Creating AI Apps, Leading Quality Lives

AI Raising Up LLC is founded with the vision of helping people achieve a higher quality of life through smart and disciplined investing. Most stock investors suffer losses because of natural human responses such as hope, confidence, fear, and impatience. Even the savviest of investors make mistakes with investing, often times trading too much, refuse to sell losing stocks, or chase past performances.

With that in mind, we humbly introduce our smart machine learning investing technology, Ark Show, to eliminate common human errors, enhancing discipline and decision making for a more constant rate of return. Built for the Chinese stock market, we developed a risk-sizing analysis system called the Alternative Position-Sizing System (APSS) to optimize Greek risk-position and related portfolios when faced with various market volatility. Ark Show uses APSS as its calculation engine, and ultimately is presented to users as a mobile application. It combines big data algorithms (mining data from various websites), quantitative analysis from stock markets, Greeks risk management, and Hedge-Fund strategies.

Researching Projects with Universities

1.Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences

2.Chaoyang University of Technology

Product & Services

China market:

Product - Ark show Read More

Service — Bridge - Read More

US market:

Service - Customize digital service Read More

Add Value. Be Valued.

We value long-term partnerships. At AirU, everyone is a respected individual. We believe everyone has the potential to make great achievements.

Here, you'll have the opportunity to do so, while building relationships with exceptional people who genuinely value you. We invite you to come explore your potential with us.

Bringing international talent together

With a microcosm of cultures, backgrounds, and experience, diversity comes naturally at AirU. We develop applications with the hopes of helping people, and experts in each area openly and freely communicate. With a transparent culture, AirU makes for an open and clear partnership. We share all our talent, energy, and pasion for work, and are united in providing the best products, platforms, and services for AirU's clients.

Nurturing innovation

FinTech is evolving at a rapid pace. For this reason, innovation is a crucial part of AirU's culture. AirU nurtures innovation by encouraging new ideas and promoting individual ownership of projects and tasks. Every challenge and every achievement in your career belongs to you.

You'll also find support when you need to drive ideas and action quickly. You'll be able to deliver results that make a difference for the customers. Since innovation springs from individuals, AirU ensures that there's always room to work and grow in one's own unique way.

Big Data - Big Opportunities

The emergence of "Big Data" has the potential to revolutionize the way companies interact with their clients. AirU became an early adopter of this within the financial industry. By leveraging our data science capabilities, and carefully considering our diverse international client bases' requirements, AirU is able to deliver the best trading experience.

Business Model

Out business model is Business to Business to Customer (B to B to C). Using the IBO and CP concepts in our apps and software, AirU has an emerging e-commerce model that combines Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C).

Business Type

Our primary focus is on the development of software systems and apps related to trading. We are especially active in FinTech, utilizing concepts such as big data, risk control, and machine learning.

Key Partners

1.AirU Channel Partners in Bridge Alliance (CP)

2.AirU Independent Business Owner (IBO)

3.AirU International Trading Agent (ITA)

Key Activities

1.Research & Development

  • Various Trading Strategies
  • Chinese Natural Language Processing Model for daily news
  • Data Mining

2.Sales & Marketing

  • We expect to expand our Channel Partners network to 3,960 partners by 2021
  • Promotion of various integrated marketing plans between Channel Partners
  • Setup new Wechat groups around each business districts from 88 cities. We expect to have 40,636 Wechat groups by 2021
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Key Resources

  • An International and multi-cultural team
  • Experienced in asset management to aid in our future research and development in various trading strategies
  • Highly connected with talents in Information Science, Mathematical Algorithms.
  • Cloud-based operating style
  • Amoeba Management philosophy, to maintain and increase the average quality and number of our team simultaneously

Our Ideal Target Customer

  • Middle-class
  • White collar workers
  • Female and male aged 45 and below
  • Stock account owner

Future Trends for AirU

FinTech Makes Private Banking Services Available To Everyone

Globally, FinTech investments jumped 201% between 2013 and 2014, breaking the $12B mark across over 730 deals. The US makes up for the majority of these deals, but Europe experienced the highest level of growth, with an increase of 215% year over year.

New technologies, such as machine learning, predictive behavioral analytics, and data-driven marketing lead to the guess work of financial decisions. Improving data analytics helps people further refine their investment decisions, and opens them to new opportunities for financial innovation. This trend increases information and data, and produces accurate analytics, creating opportunities in an unprecedented way.

With the evolution of Big Data and other powerful analytic tools comes a new era of real time investments strategies. Opportunities and strategies that were only once available to only high net worth individuals in the past are now made available in a smartphone device.

Amoeba Dynamic Management Philosophy

What is an Amoeba?

An Amoeba is a single-celled organism with no fixed form. It can freely change its size and shape with great flexibility.

To adapt to the ever-changing and quick market, we apply Dr. Kazuo Inamori's philosophy into our management:

Small organized units for easy communication and set up of goals. Develop amoeba leaders into core start-up partners. Each unit has specific goals and targets under their amoeba leader. Amoeba members are trained and cultivated well. With high transparency and trust within the team, anyone can come out and lead. This is the way we run our team at AirU.

Global talent and cloud-based team work

Our team members are located in different countries across the world, including USA, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Taiwan.

We have created a cloud based working environment, using tools such as Bitbucket, TeamViewer, Zoom, Wechat, and Anydesk for various daily communication, meetings and discussions.

This enables us to recruit talents from all over the world. With core members from diversified backgrounds and cultures, we are a multilingual team that can effectively communicate and connect with new talents.

Geometric Brownian Motion

In statistical models of financial markets, Brownian Motion plays a significant role. We follow a special case of this in our simulations, building our models utilizing the concept called Geometric Brownian Motion (GBM). The definition if as follows:

AirU Motion Equation of Stock Price

We believe that there are 5 major factors that influence the movement of stock prices, illustrated by the following equation:

These include fundamental viewpoints, enterprise value per share, cyclical economic trends, Geometric Brownian Motion, and related news.

These investing philosophies are integrated into our AI system.

Silicon Valley:914, S Street, Sacramento, California, United States

Shanghai:12F, 580, Nan Jing Xi Road, Shanghai, China

Taipei:17F-2, No.167, Zhongyang Rd., Xindian Dist., New Taipei City 231,Taiwan(R.O.C.)