We know that one of the IA’s daily jobs is logging into various systems to capture all sorts of information. However, little did you know that the step which you thought is necessary to be done by yourself can actually be skipped. Our information integration service can crawl any information you need through python. Besides, we provide automatic real-time update, showing you the outputs in any form you prefer (eg: Excel or doc. file)

With our service, you are able to provide personalized information based on each customer’s portfolio. By analyzing the portfolios, we will know that there is certain kind of issues/news the customer would be interested in. We will help you in scrapping the data followed by the notification popping up on your computer. It is to remind you of approaching your customer as they might be interested by those data. These will make your customer feel like receiving a VIP service from your company.

This is a more advanced service on smartly analysing these whole lot of information to assist you in the process of strategic planning. Every time when you analyze the information by using your own unique logic, there is always a factor you pick or filter out every single stock. We are here to provide you a customized digital services which formed by a number of components. Each component is built by your own know how for making every choice. By having this, you can reduce time cost by doing all works yourself as well as to eliminate human irrationality and flaws. Simultaneously, feedbacks also will be provided based on our years of experience.

We create a system of your own based on your investment logic

We save your time and cost in front of computers and papers, creating new opportunities to acquire new customers and maintaining the relationship.

Even professional Advisors could use a hand in advising

With our technology, our system would run tests and trials based on your investment logic, providing you detail analysis results and an extra solution to consider.

We smarten up your investment logic

With our brilliant coding team, we can easily transform your investment logics into codes and numbers for running trials and tests.

Information and data sourcing

Our system can crawl various data sources to provide real-time information such as stock prices, market news and trends for you.

Performance tracking on your own investment logic

Our systems automatically tracks and manages the outcome of your logic’s effectiveness, lightening your work on rebalancing customer’s portfolios.