One of the essential tasks of an IA is to log onto various systems and capture all relevant information. This tedious task can now be automated. Our information integration service can parse through any information you need using the Python programming language. We'll provide real-time updates, showing you the output in a format of your choice (e.g. Excel, Word Doc).

With our service, you will be able to provide personalized information for your customers. By analyzing their portfolios, we can provide news relevant to their interests. We can provide you pop-up notifications, reminding you of their interests. This will enable you to provide tailormade services for your customer.

This is an advanced service to assist you in the process of strategic planning. We can help you digitalize your logical process of selecting stocks. By automating the selection process, you can reduce time and cost for yourself, while eliminating natural human tendencies of irrationality and fear. We also provide feedback to you based on our years of experience.

Create A System Based On Your Investment Logic

We can save you time and cost, enabling you to better focus on maintaining customer relationships and acquiring new customers.

Even Professional Advisors Could Use A Hand In Advising

Our systems have the ability to run tests based on your investment logic, providing you detailed analysis of the outcome.

Make Your Investment Logic Smarter

With our software engineering capabilities, we can transform your investment logic into code, enabling you to easily test its effectiveness.

Information and Data Source

Our systems can parse through various data sources and provide real-time information on stock prices, market news, and trends.

Performance Tracking For Your Investment Logic

Our systems automatically track and manage the outcome of your investment logic. This enables you to gauge its effectiveness, lightening your work on rebalancing customers' portfolios.