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Start your business by becoming an IBO!

What is IBO ?

Download IBO Introduction Documents.


IBO Advantage

- Attractive Growth Incentives

- Exclusive Products

- Zero-Cost to start up your business

- Flexibility and Freedom

- Low-Risk Opportunity

Steps to become an Independent Business Owner (IBO)

STEP 1: Business Overview

Download the AirU Business Overview brochure here for more details.

STEP 2: IBO Registration Agreement

Download the IBO Registration Agreement here.

STEP 3: Register to become an IBO.

Please read and agree to the IBO Registration Agreement. Afterwards, please fill out the form below and upload all requested documents to us. We will respond to prospective IBOs as soon as we've verified all information.

I agree to the IBO Registration Agreement.

Without your consent, your personal information on this site will not be used for any other purposes.

STEP 4: Verify

AirU will process your registration within 10 days of receiving your request. If approved, we will reach out to you as soon as possible.

Bridge Alliance is an interactive advertising platform between our users and our Channel Partners. By becoming a partner, you not only gain access to this platform, but also to many other features that may stem from our future mobile app products.

What are Channel Partners and Bridge Alliance?

Bridge Alliance is a huge business alliance across China comprising of SMEs (channel partners) of different industries and business districts.

Each bridge is categorized by business district locations. Within each bridge are Advisor and Account Officers, Ark Show users, and Channel Partners. Advisors and Account Officers provide customer service for our users and channel partners.

How do Channel Partners and Bridge Alliance work?

In Bridge Alliance, we make use of our cloud technology and market planning abilities to assist SMEs (Channel Partners) in boosting their businesses. These come in the form of collecting customer data, relationship marketing by exchanging customer data between Channel Partners, and much more.

In return, SMEs promote and market our products, giving us exposure to more potential users. This collaboration is what we call Bridge Alliance.

Benefits of being a Channel Partner

As our Channel Partner, you get:

1. Access to a large collection of customer data and information at zero cost.

2. Opportunities to exchange customer data with businesses from different industries within the same region at zero cost.

3. Access to a customer pool size that is several times larger.

4. Ability to actively contact potential customers through WeChat groups in Bridge Alliance.

5. Ability to regularly and efficiently increase your customer base.

6. Opportunities to engage in integrated marketing with neighboring businesses from different industries within the same region.

7. AirU actively tries to boost customer traffic at our Channel Partners' stores.

8. AirU will assist in related marketing plans.

We are looking for passionate self-starters who have the following characteristics:

1. Adequate time to participate in a mid to longterm partnership.

2. Interest in big data.

3. Eagerness to positively impact others using big data and AI.

4. Flexible working locations and hours. Please feel free to send us your resume/CV without specifying a specific position.

You may send your resume/CV to us without submitting to a specific job.