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Start your business by becoming an IBO!

What is IBO ?

Download IBO Introduction Documents.


IBO Advantage

- Attractive Growth Incentives

- Exclusive Products

- Zero-Cost to start up your business

- Flexibility and Freedom

- Low-Risk Opportunity


Taking your steps to become an Independent Business Owner (IBO)

STEP 1: Business Overview

Download AirU Business Overview Brochure for your more understanding. Click below to begin!

STEP 2: IBO Registration Agreement

Download IBO Registration Agreement here.

STEP 3: Register an IBO

Please read and agree the IBO Registration Agreement, confirm you information, and upload followings to us. After we verify all information is appropriate, we will reach you asap.

I agree with the IBO Registration Agreement.

Without your agreement, your any personal information on this site will not be used for other purposes.

STEP 4: Verify

AirU will receive and process your registration within 10 days from the date your registration. After approved, we will connect with you asap.

Our Bridge Alliance is a channel to produce an interaction platform for our users and an advertising platform for our Channel Partners benefiting both parties. By becoming our Channel Partners, you not only gain the advantages of this platform we have for you but also many more from us. This concept is to be applied into any of our future mobile app products.

What are Channel Partners and Bridge Alliance?

SMEs (channel partners) of different industries from each business district, create a huge business alliance across China, and that is what we called Bridge Alliance.

Each Bridge is categorized by business district locations. inside each Bridge, we have our Advisor and Account Officer staffs, Ark Show users and Channel Partners, all from the same business district. Advisors and Account Officers each provide customer service for our users and CPs respectively.

How Channel Partners and Bridge Alliance work?

In Bridge Alliance, we make use of our advance cloud technology and marketing planning ability to assist and help these SMEs to boost their businesses through various integrated marketing actions such as collecting customer’s data, relationship marketing by exchanging customer’s data between CPs and many more.

In exchange, these SMEs would promote and market our products, giving us more exposure towards potential users. This mutual beneficial relationship is what we named as Bridge Alliance while these SMEs are our Channel Partners (CPs).

Benefits of our Channel Partner

What are you waiting for? As our Chanel Partner, you get:

1. Access to a collection of customer’s data and information with zero cost.

2. Opportunity to exchange customer’s data with other businesses of different industries within the same region with zero cost.

3. Leverage current customer pool size to several times bigger.

4. Ability to actively contact with existing and potential customers through many WeChat groups in our Bridge Alliance.

5. Increase regular customers more efficiently.

6. Opportunity to engage in integrated marketing with neighbor business of different industries within the same region.

7. AirU takes part in increasing the frequency of customers visiting our Channel Partners’ stores.

8. AirU will assist in related marketing plans.

We are looking for passionate and self-growth teammates who has the following characteristics :

1. Adequate time in mid-term or long-term partnership.

2. Interests in big data.

3. Eagerness to positively impact others by big data and AI.

4. Free to choice of your working place and time

You may send your resume/CV to us without submitting to a specific job.

Email: joinup@airu.com.hk